How To Record Screen On Windows Or Mac

screen recording in windows
How to record screen on windows and mac

The best way to demonstrate how to’s is by providing a video that shows how to do the task. It becomes easy for the user to follow steps and figure out what has gone wrong. Recording a tutorial video, How to video, gameplay or a presentation sample you might go on for using heavy software which takes huge sums from you. But if you are new to the field and trying to test using this stuff, you don’t want to invest much in this. So, you might want to know how to Record Screen On Windows or Mac that at zero investment.

Screen Recording or Screencast is an elegant way by which you can record content of your screen and show off your skills to the world. Their are quite a few free and paid application that can do the task of capturing your screen easily. But their are also tools that are in build on your Operating system (windows/ Mac).

How To Record Screen On Windows

Windows has inbuilt applications that can record screen. An advanced screen recording tool is also introduced in Windows 10 is the Game Bar included in Xbox.

These free and inbuilt features available for use are easy excess tools and one can use any of them. You Just have to follow some easy steps to start recording your screen. But these applications are limited in usage and provide lesser functionality. If you want to have some screen recorders with advanced functionalities then just skip to the next section. But if you want general software without any extra headache then this section is the only thing you wanna know.

Method 1 : Record Screen Using Game Bar

Windows 10 now has in-build screen recorder in its pre-installed Xbox app. This screen recorder is designed for recording games on your computer. But, you can use it to record other stuff of your computer also. To Record Screen using Game Bar tool of Xbox in windows 10 follow these steps :

Step 1: Open X box application.

Step 2: Press “Windows + G ”, a popup asking do you want to open game bar appears. Check yes this is a game. 

Step 3: Tap on the “Game DBR” option in the Xbox settings. From here you can change settings like recording audio, video quality, etc.

Step 4: To start recording your screen click “Record” Button Or hold “Windows + alt + R” on your keyword.

Step 5: To Stop recording of your screen Stop”,  once you have finished recording. This videos will be saved in “Videos/Captures”

This tool is indeed one of the best in build tools to record videos in windows computer but the problem is that its availability is limited to windows 10. But their are other methods and inbuilt softwares that can help you with recording your screen in older windows versions.

Method 2: Record Screen Using  powerpoint

In older Versions of the operating system Xbox application is not available.  but don’t worry if you want just a basic screen recording tool for your operating system then there is an option for you.  you can use Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint also has an inbuilt screen recording tool,  the latest version of the application comes with a built-in screen recording tool intended to help presentation makers in adding a snap of the work. This feature is easily accessible to any of the PowerPoint user. You just need to follow the following steps to start recording videos using your PowerPoint

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint.

Step 2: Navigate through insert tab  and click on Screen recording 

Step 3: Select the screen area you want to record,  you can use “Windows key +  shift+ f ” to select full screen for recording

Step 4: Once you have selected your recording screen hit the record button (shortcut : Windows+shift+r ).

Step 5: You can stop recording by hitting the stop button or by pressing “Windows+ shift + R”.

This is Another inbuilt tool that you can use to record your screen on a windows computer.

How to record screen on Mac

Apple MacBook also has an inbuilt application that lets you record the contents of your laptop screen. Macbook is loaded with almost every sort of Utility tool that is helpful for the user for efficient working. Recording screen is also provided by  Apple in its devices. Quicktime player comes with inbuilt tool to record the contents of the screen. 

Capture screen using QuickTime Player

Apple’ QuickTimeme player is a inbuilt tool that enables Macbook users to capture the contents of the screen. The QuickTime player is mostly used by tutorial makers to record their screen. To record screen using Apple’s QuickTime player just follow the following steps.

 Step 1: Launch quicktime Player

 Step 2: Select file  and choose new  screen recording

Step 3: Select your recording settings by clicking on the small arrow in the box that appears. From here you can select video quality,  audio  and many more settings.

Step 4: To start recording your laptop screen tap on the “record button”.

Step 5: To stop recording press the “stop” button that will appear in your menu on the left of wifi button. 

Step 6: Save your recordings by using “save” button in File options. 

You can use these softwares that are inbuilt in your computers to record your computer screen and make use of the capture you recorded.
But the functionality of these inbuilt screen recorders is limited if you want to  use some advanced features while recording your videos you can use dedicated softwares for that. There are many softwares available on the Internet that are used to record screen in PC or Mac.

5 Best Softwares to Record Screen

Apart from all the inbuilt applications available, their are some special softwares that are specifically built for recording screen. These dedicated softwares are available on the internet easily and have some advanced functionalities that can be very helpful.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

One of the best screen recording tools available on the internet. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an efficient software that has every required tool to capture your videos and edit them. It has an easy to use interface. Is also available for Android also. It cannot share videos directly, you have to import them first. You can capture a selected area of your screen or the whole screen and Record system audio and your voice through microphone both at the same time.


It is a leading product of the industry since a long period of time. camtasia has best in class screen capturing and editing tools. It provides good quality recordings and can be used to record almost all sorts of recordings like Skype calls, video calls,  tutorials, etc. Doing some advance stop using camtasia video recording tool needs more expertise hands experienced in using the tool.


The best free screen recording tool available on the internet is the open broadcast software(OBS). You can record videos using it and make it a professional video. It has all the tools that one needs to make a professional video. The user interface is a little bit difficult to get familiarise with but it’s source options compensate for that. If you are a gamer and need to record your gaming video, this is perfect for you. 


Snagit is a simple to use screen recording tool. You can use the quick access toolbar from where you can record your screen easily. But it lags in the amount of features provided by the software. Snagit has an easy to use interface and you can capture screen with many options like capture full screen or a specific area or import from external device like camera.  snagit for the users who just need screen recording rather than an advanced tool to make professional looking videos.


Another free screen recording tool tinytake. It has a simple user interface and can record videos and take screenshots of your computer screen.  tinytake is a simple software and does all the work that a screen recorder should do. But the problem with tiny take is that its free version is not very effective. The returns of the screen recording tool are also not efficient. This easy to use screen recording tool provides cloud storage where you can store your work and continue afterwards. Using tinytake you can share your work directly to other platforms like YouTube. 

When it comes to screen recording there are whole a lot of options available for you to choose from. There are some inbuilt software that requires no installation. Also, there are some external software that can provide advanced functionalities like an inbuilt editor, recording from multiple areas like screen and camera together. You can you any of these available tools to make your video better by using tools to record screen on Windows or Mac.

The list we have provided is made after using software and testing all its tools available. There might be some features that are not listed here but important. If you know some please comment and share the information with others.

Also, remember that our internship program is always open and we welcome mind that can inspire and help other. Just keep on helping other viewers of the blog and our team will reach you with a offer or interview call.

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