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Screen Recording : Better than Screenshots

A snap of your mobile as a testimony of your work is one of the best and quickest things you can do. Weather you are a gamer, app developer or tutorial maker are screen record to elaborate you work is really efficient. So, if you want to record screen on Android device? We have an answer for you. In this article on How To Record Screen On Android we will show you methods and applications that you will need to record a brilliant video of your screen.

In this professional world, To be at the top you need to get going with the new technologies. Videos is one of these upcoming technologies in the field of marketing. So, making an amazing videos for your product is a very good idea and you will get a good response in return. Also, for Gamers recording mobile game tutorials and gameplay in very important so this technique on recording mobile screen with audio can be really beneficial

How To Record Screen On Android

Recording screen on an Android device is very easy, devices have in-built tools for this. Also, there are some advanced applications available on the PlayStore that can be helpful in providing a screen recording feature in an efficient way.

Applications To Record Android Screen (Screen Recorder)

We have listed some of the most efficient applications that we found are useful at our tests. Here are softwares to record screen on android smartphone. All these software are free to use but almost each of them has a pro subscription that provides advanced features.

Google Play Games

Google play games is a mandatory application to play games on Android smartphones. But do you know that this application is a lot more than just a hub for managing your game progress. It can also act as a screen recorder for you games. The drawback is its utility is limited to games only. But its freely available so if you are a game willing to stream you gameplay it a perfect application for you.

To start recording your mobile screen while playing a game. Open Google play games , and tap on the game you wish to record. This will open game details Windows , at the top you will see a video camera option. Tapping on the camcorder icon will open a menu with options and a button to start recoding your game screen. It will record your gameplay and save it in you device storage. When you tap record button your game will start with in a few seconds. You have options to use face camera and audio while recording and you can switch them ON/OFF when you want. While the recording is one the play games icon will be on your screen at bottom-right initially, on tapping this button you will get three options for face camera, audio, start/stop.

You can download the latest version of GOOGLE PLAY GAMES from play Store.

AZ Screen Recorder

It’s a good screen recording tool that has tons of features available for free usage. There is no time limit to its free version and no watermark is there on the output video.

Once you have downloaded the application and started it. You will see a screen overlay button with an icon to record, take a screenshot, live stream, and more. You can record your work by clicking this icon, and tap on it again to stop your recording once you have completed it. This screen overlay will remain until you remove it manually by dragging into the X option at the bottom.

This software is very efficient in making screen recordings and is free to use. The applicate also provides a small editor to make minor changes in your video.

PRICE : Free / $2.99

You can download AZ Screen recorder from play store.

Mobizen screen Recorder

Mobizen is a similar screen recorder to AZ screen recorder, it offers the same functionality. This one has a bit lower rating that AZ but it does its work efficiently.

Once you download the application, on the first run there will be some setup basics and permission requirements to be given. A small icon will appear on the screen. This icon will provide you options for recording screen, screenshots, etc. On clicking the record icon to start record, on clicking a 3-second timer will appear before recording starts. After this, you can record screen for work. Once you have finished your work, tap on the record icon again to finish your recording and save it. this icon will appear on your screen until you explicitly drag it to the X button at the bottom.

There is also an inbuilt video editor application in the mobizen application. This lets you done simple editing stuff efficiently.

Price : Free

Mobizen screen recorder is available on play store.

Twitch / Youtube Gaming

Some online stream platforms also have their own software that can be used to record screen. Twitch mobile app and Youtube Gaming are one of them. they provide you online screen recorder that always you to record the screen of your device. Youtube gaming is specifically for gaming but you can use it for other purposes just some google is required.

To use youtube gaming download the application from play store and start it the app will open and you will see an icon at the top right of the app’s UI this button will let you start your stream.

Both the platforms do not provide any inbuilt editing tool to make your video better. but you can stream directly without any authorisation. You will have to find ways to stream other videos also you need to download editor from making your video more elaborative or catchy.

Google play games can be downloaded for free on play store.

DU Recorder

An elegant software that can record your video in 720px / 60fps. This software is not as good as other softwares but it provides a decent UI to work on. It also does not have any ads while recording.

On installing and opening the application there are some basic setup and permissions. After this, you will see and an icon at the right of your screen this has options to record screen and take the screenshot. From this menu select the recorder button. This will start your recording in a few seconds. Again click on the same button to stop your recording. This button will stick on your screen until you explicitly remove it by dragging it to an X button that appears at the bottom.

This application can be useful for user of lightweight applications and making simple screen records for free.

DU Recorder is available on play store for free download but there are some in-app purchases.

Other Ways To Record Screen On Android

Along with these external software that have additional functionalities to record screen, there are inbuilt screen recording tools that are provided by some mobile companies. If you are using this device then you can record screen in android smartphone without using any software.

Also, if you are an android developer you can use for android studio to capture screen record. Professionals often use external hardware like capture cards to record their smartphone screen in the system.

Hope you will find this article efficient and our work will help you archive your target of making an amazing video for your business. If you have any queries related to this feel free to reach us we will try to solve our problem.

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