How To Erase Data Remotely on Lost iPhone

– Apple Introduced New Feature To Find Lost iPhone and Lock or Erase Its Data

How To Erase Data Remotely on Lost iPhone
How To Erase Data Remotely on Lost iPhone

Apple has provided its users an option to its users that will allow them to keep their data safe in case they lose their iPhone. This feature allows them to locate their smartphone, erase data remotely or play alert sounds with a message to contact you.

How To Erase Data Remotely on Lost iPhone

Using this feature is easy and can be activated by any iPhone user easily using a feature called Find My.

How to enable Find My iPhone on your device

  1. Go to Settings -> click on the Apple id menu.
  2. Click on find My
  3. Click on find my iPhone, here you will see three options,
    • Find use to My iPhone – This will help the user to locate, lock or erase your iPhone and all the accessories.
    • Find My network – This will let you locate the smartphone even if it is offline.
    • Send Last Location – send the last location when the iPhone is above to die.
  4. You can toggle on the options based on your preference.

After this, if you have the function Find My, and your phone gets lost. You need to go to, from here you can find the location of your iPhone, erase data and play sound after signing in using your apple id.

find Lost iPhone Remotely
Find Lost iPhone Remotely

How To View Lost iPhone on Map

To view your iPhone when it’s lost you need to log in using your apple id and password. When you log in, you will get the location of your iPhone on the map.

Also you will get options to perform these tasks :

  • Play Sound
  • Lost Mode
  • Erase iPhone

This can help you a bit safe (related to data) that your phone is safe from anyone with malicious intension. With this feature to How To Erase Data Remotely on Lost iPhone.

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