How To Enable Native Dark Mode For Incognito interface in Chrome

– Chrome Canary introduces improved dark mode in incognito mode.

Google Chrome Dark Mode Improvements
Google Chrome Dark Mode Improvements

Google Chrome has now started working on the dark mode feature for the incognito mode. The new change enables the browser to stay dark forever (till the user changes it manually) i.e. it does not change according to the change in the mode of the operating system. Also, ignores other customizations applied to it by the operating system.
This new feature is updated in the new version of the canary under the flag.

The new version of Chrome Canary has some built-in customizations, it provides various backgrounds and themes. Also, there are some new features offered in the web store to make the browser better. But these customizations can only be applied to normal windows. But the incognito mode has different themes to keep both windows different in view and theme.

Currently, in chrome, everything in the dark window is dark except the menu i.e. app menu and other elements. But in the current update of Chrome Canary, the dark mode makes everything dark unconditionally. This applies, to the incognito interface and the changes are immune to the light mode changes of your OS like Windows or macOS. All these changes flagged in chrome.

Steps to enable Dark Mode for Incognito mode in Google Chrome

  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome Canary.
  2. Open the browser and enter chrome://flags in the browser’s tabs.
  3. In the window that appears, search for incognito mode. The option “Allow widgets to inherit native theme from its parent widget” needs to be enabled.
  4. After enabling it, restart the browser

After restarting, the new incognito mode will be fully in dark mode.


This feature is updated in the new version of Chrome Canary. Hope you find this feature helpful. So, please share this with your friends and people around you. Also, comment below, about any new feature you need to know or willing to share.

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