How to enable google chrome dark mode

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Dark Mode in Google Chrome

The changing technologies and developments in the interface is aiming towards the usage of the dark mode in the UI of almost all apps and OS. Developers have started testing dark mode as it has many advantages of the classical them. Google is no exception to this chrome is also changing to its dark mode. Dark mode for Chrome browser is still in development phase. But is available for testing in Google Chrome Canary version.

There are few major updates coming up in the industry this year. One of them is the dark mode. dark mode is a change in UI  of the system to make the theme dark( black background with white text).  This  dark theme reduces  eye fatigue anddw also reduces battery consumption.  The dark theme saves battery life in AMOLED display devices.

After MacOS Mojave release that has support for dark UI skin. Google has also paid importance to dark UI in its products. Google has started working on its dark UI in September 2018. It’s now in testing Phrases and will be soon available for usage. Users can use Google chromes dark UI in later this year or in next year in all versions.

The Chrome dark UI  will automatically Switch between dark/light themes based on the OS theme. You can also  force dark theme,  this will make the browser dark irrespective of the OS theme.

You cannot use that dark Chrome directly now. If you still wish to use the theme it is available for testing and you need to download canary version to start using your Chrome browser’s dark UI.

how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome in Windows 10.

Google Chome Dark Mode Preview
How to enable dark mode in Google Chrome

Microsoft is also set to release dark UI update for Windows 10. This update will be available soon. Coming back to Google Chrome, you can download Google chrome canary version. It is available in the open source chromium.

If you wish to download Google Chrome Canary version, you can download it here.

Once you have downloaded  in the Google Chrome canary  version you can follow the following steps to enable dark mode in your Chrome browser : 

  1. Install Google Chrome Canary.
  2. Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut.
  3. Select properties and find target field.
  4. Append “–force-dark-mode”  at the end of the target field.
  5. Click Apply -> OK 

The command :  “–force-dark-mode”  will enable  Google Chrome dark mode. When you start your Google Chrome now, it’s UI  will be changed to a black background. This dark theme does not rely on the OS  theme it will remain black irrespective of the OS theme.

Alternately you can use the command: “–enable-feature=DarkMode”. This will enable you are Google Chrome to switch between light and dark mode according to the system UI  theme( USeful only for Mac Os Mojive).

Note: This feature is not supported in Windows 10 currently,  till the dark theme is not available for Windows 10.

how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome in Mac OS

In the latest update of Mac OS, Apple has rolled out the dark theme UI. In Mac OS Mojave latest version of Mac OS, you can switch between the dark and light themes. After this update, Google Chrome has also started working on its dark UI. But it’s still not available for all users and is in beta phase. This version is available for download in open source chromium. 

Download it version for mac

After downloading the google chrome Canary follow these step to enable Chrome dark mode in Mac OS Mojave. 

  1. Move your app to the application folder.
  2. Open your Terminal
  3. Enter the following command : “/Applications/ –force-dark-mode ”

This will enable your dark mode and it will overwrite the system theme. It will be in dark mode until you revert it back to normal mode. 

If you want to use google chrome dark mode according to your Mac OS preference, change the above command with this one : 

“ /Applications/ –dark-mode ”

This will change the chrome theme according to your OS theme.

Note: Make sure you set chrome as your default browser.

So, this is a trick using which you can switch to google chrome dark mode and experience the dark theme before the official release. There are many applications that are changing their UI to make them adaptive to this new change that is more efficient and power saving. If you know any other amazing trick that may change the way people use technologies. Share them to us, we will make sure your idea comes in front of people. Also, share this article with your friends and help them enjoy this new UI. Thanks for your patience if you like the content please let us know. You can also suggest edits to our articles.

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