How to download National Geographic Underwater 4K theme for Windows 10

Recently Microsoft has launched its new theme which is based on the underwater life and has exclusive images of life under the sea captured by expert National Geographic photographer.

The new National Geographic HummingBirds 4K theme for windows 10 that has just arrived to the Microsoft store. Today, the 4K theme name “National Geographic Underwater” is released and is available for download for free on Microsoft store.

National Geographic HummingBirds 4K theme

National Geography Underwater Premium Theme
National Geography Underwater Premium Theme
Image source : Microsoft Theme store

The theme has a pack of 12 images of 4K quality. These high quality images are related to sea life, corals and reefs that are high quality images captured by photographers from natational Geography. The theme is best suited for systems with 4K monitor screen. windows 10 version 14951 or higher is required by this theme to work properly.

Microsoft’s theme description says that ” These images are to be used as desktop wallpaper only“. And the theme contains only wallpapers no other enhancements like audio or sound are added by the theme.

Downloading and installing the theme

The theme can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft’s store for free. It will contain 12 images of 4K quality.

Download Link:

From the store you can download and install the theme and after installing navigate to Settings -> personalisation -> themes, here navigate to the theme and apply it. If you have allowed, your windows will automatically set accent color, inheriting it from the current theme of the Operating system.

Other great themes available:

There are a lot of great theme that can make your system look fabulous and elegant. You can download themes based on halowen, nights, nature, games, etc from the theme store.

Here, is the news about the latest theme available on the store that ‘national geographic underwater’ for free.

Comment which theme you use for your windows system and share the links in comments. Also share how you felt about this theme.

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