How to download Edge 83 Update Now

-Downloading new update version of Microsoft Edge

Recently the Microsoft Edge rolled out the next update, 83 stable version that helps users with extension sync and some other improvements. As of now the update is not available for general users to download from the Internet directly or is not showing download option available in the update window of the browser.

Microsoft Edge Web browser Stable Release 83

Microsoft Edge About us Page to check update
hack to Download Microsoft Edge 83

Microsoft released the new update for Edge browser yesterday i.e. 22 May 2020 which is the stable 83 version numbered 83.0478.37. The major updates that the browser got in the update are security fixes , extension Sync, and some other updates.

You can get the Release notes of Microsoft Edge 83.

Why the update cannot be directly downloaded ?

Microsoft is now using a new algorithm for releasing edge known as “progressive rollouts” that delivers updates slowly within the span of some time and takes some extra days after the release for the software to be available for download for every single user.

This progressive rollout is turned on for downloading Edge on all the operating systems i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

This progressive rollout is not for you if you are a geek like me and want to get the best of software and the most updated one as soon as it is released.

Traditional Ways to download/Update Edge

You can easily go and update or download you browser using these method that are easily accessible for everyone and you can go straight downloading it.

  1. Using Browser updates manager.
  2. Downloading directly from website

Updating Edge using the Update manager

The following are steps to update edge using update manager :

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  2. Go to the settings page.
  3. Select About Microsoft Edge. This will launch an updater process that check the servers from Microsoft for updates and download and update your browser if a new version is available.
  4. The update will be applied on restarting the browser.

Download Edge by going to website

To download Microsoft Edge browser’s latest update from web follow these steps:

Download Page for Microsoft Edge
Download Page for Microsoft Edge for downloading latest version
  1. Visit Microsoft Edge download page.
  2. The page will show you the download button for your current system you can download it for other systems too, and click on download to start.
  3. This will download the file for the software and run the installer.

So, these are some traditional methods to download Edge. But due to the progressive rollout these methods will take time for updations for the latest version. So, here is one hack the you can go for to download the latest version as soon as it gets available.

Hack to Download latest version of Edge Update NOW!

Here is a series of steps to follow to download Edge 83 version surpassing the progressive rollout.

Microsoft Edge Business download page
Hack to download Microsoft Edge latest version
  1. Visit the download page for Edge Business.
  2. Select the version/channel, build, platform and then hit download.
  3. The latest version which here is 83.0.478.37 and hit download.

This will help you alot to make update your Edge browser as soon as it goes live without thinking of the progressive rollout system.

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