How to Add Ecosia Search Engine To Chrome – Easy Methods

– New Ecosia Search Engine makes its entry to Chrome’s Default Browser List

Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browser has recently added a new search engine to its list. The recent update of Google Chrome Canary Version a new search engine made its entry to the default search engine list, its the Ecosia Search Engine.


The new search engine “Ecosia” is similar to any other search engine but the major difference is that it plants trees from the profits made by the search engine.

How Ecosia Works

The Ecosia search engine plant tree from the profits it makes by displaying ads to the users who searches using it. The company then uses this generated income to support tree plantation across the world.

Ecosia Search Engine
Ecosia Search Engine – planting tree for search made

Adding Ecosia as Default Browser to Chrome

the recently updated Google Chrome Canary Version has updated its Default search engine list. The list now has Ecosia search engine also.

To see the change you can visit settings and see the list of default browsers. Here you will find Ecosia, along with Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo.

This is made by Google in the DSE (Default search engine) list update the Chrome’s does every year to stay updated with new effective search engines that come to the market.

The new ecosia search engine added to the list is new and is backed by Microsoft Bing and has some of its own search algorithms.

Elser than Chrome Vivaldi Browser has added Ecosia to its default browser list.

Adding Ecosia To Chrome Canary

If you have updated to the latest Google Chrome Canary Version. Then follow these steps to make Ecosia a default Search Engine :

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to settings from the menu.
  2. Find search Engines and click on the dropdown.
  3. Select Ecosia from the browser list.

If you don’t have an update canary version or use the google chrome, then also you can set the Ecosia as a default search engine for your browser using the Ecosia’s Chrome extension.

Add Ecosia to Chrome using extension

If you wish to add Ecosia to chrome without any update. Then you have to use the Chrome Extension of Ecosia Search engine. Follow these steps to use Ecosia as Default Search engine :

  1. Launch Google Chrome and Go to Ecosia Search Engine.
  2. There you will get a prompt to add Google Chrome Extension.
  3. Then you have to confirm the use of Ecosia as a default search engine in Chrome.

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