Hidden Features of Google Docs to Improve Productivity

Google docs have over time been a great replacement for Microsoft word. It has presented its users with an easy way to create, edit, and share documents over the web. People can now easily upload and share their work from any platform required it has an internet connection. It is easy to use on Android and Windows and has got tons and tons of features for making it user friendly.

Hidden Features of Google Docs
Hidden Features of Google Docs

Hidden Features of Google Docs to Improve Productivity

Google docs have many less-known features that you can utilize to do your work more efficiently. In this article, we have provided you with a list of features that will make you more productive while using google docs. These Hidden features of Google Docs will definitely help you become more efficient working with the docs.

1. Find specific documents easily

Google docs offer you ‘open file picker’ option to sort out the files in your google docs and find them. This helps you when you have many docs and want to find a particular document. To sort the files, go to the main page of google docs and find the folder icon beside recent documents. Click on the icon and it will sort the files according to recent uploads or recently used.

open file picker option - feature of Google Docs
Hidden feature of Google Docs – Open file picker option

2. Multi-tasking feature in google docs

You can find loads of features in the tools menu, which you might not have even explored. With the help of the explore options in the tools menu, you can easily explore images and content on the web related to content you are writing. For example, if you are writing the word influencer marketing, you can find all the information about the term on the web without actually leaving google docs.

Explore on the web option - Google Docs
Explore on the web option
Explore 'influencer marketing' - Hidden feature of Google Docs
Explore ‘influencer marketing’

3. Use accurate words in your document

Sometimes it happens that you use a word or a term in your document but you really don’t know if you are using the right word. You may accidentally use the synonym of the word only to regret later. If you are not sure of the word you are using, just right click on the word and click on define. It offers you google definition of the word. For example, here is a defining feature for the word procrastination.

Define the word feature
Define the word feature of Google Docs

4. Tag other people to get their attention

Google docs allow you to tag others to get their attention to the document. Tagging helps you give a chance to others to edit and give their suggestions wherever needed. This can be done by right-clicking on the text space wherever you want user comments and then typing @ or + followed by a few letters of the person’s name. At this point, google docs will automatically start offering you suggested names from your google contacts list. If you want to add a person’s name who is not in your contact list, you can type an email address.

Comment feature in google docs
Comment feature
Tagging and comment feature in google docs
Tagging and comment option

5. Get hold of quick function shortcuts

Google docs also provide you many keyboard shortcuts which makes your task easier. Some of them you might already know, but you will be amazed at many keyboard options to add comments, editing, text formats, paragraph formatting that these keyboards can do. To explore them, go to the help menu and then click on keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts
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6. Change document outline for easy viewing

You can view the document you are editing easily with the help of the document outline feature. Go to the top left corner of the page, and find the icon showing ‘show document outline’ as shown. You will find that the document you are working on is presented in a way that is easy to edit and view. Along with the document, a list of headings is given through which you can access specific point in the document.

Show document online option
Show document online option

7. Publish on the web

With the help of google docs, you can turn any of your google docs into a live, functioning web page. You can also share and embed the web page created. To publish your google doc on the web, go to the file menu and access publish on the web option. It will then ask you for link. Then you can easily publish your document on the web.

publish your doc on web
Publish your doc on web
Add link and publish
Add link and publish

8. Voice-typing

Lastly, for the benefit of its users, google docs also provide voice typing accessibility. It helps you in a speech to text dictation and you can even pause, issue a command and then start dictating. To access this feature, you simply have to go to the tools menu where you will find the voice typing option down on the menu.

Voice typing option
Voice typing option

These are a list of the many useful features we have discovered in google docs. So, next time you are working on google docs, you can use these features and easy shortcuts to save your time and efforts and increase your productivity.

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