Hacks To Improve Sound Quality of Your Android Smartphone

Easy Tips to Improve Quality and increase Volume in Android

Hacks To Improve Sound Quality of Your Android Smartphone
Hacks To Improve Sound Quality of Your Android Smartphone

Smartphones in recent years have evolved to become an integral part of our life. From students to officials to elders everyone needs a smartphone. And everyone has their own choice of features they want.
But speakers or sound have not done been in limelight yet. Currently, smartphones are focusing on cameras and processors. So, users who are crazy about sound quality and music find it difficult to get a package with great quality sound. So, there are some tips to improve the sound quality of your Android smartphone.

How To Improve Sound Quality Of Your Android Smartphone

The quality of sound of your Smartphone can be improved using some hack to enjoy quality sound on your phone. Here, are some things you can change to get better quality sound.

Get A Better Music Player

The built-in music players of your smartphone like Google play music or another brand-specific ones can perform the task but have limited functionality. There are some third-party applications that do the task in a more effective way. Try to get app’s that provide crisp quality sound output. Some music players like Music Player Go, VLC for android can do the task for you.

Install Extra Equaliser Application

The equalizer can enhance the quality of sound and also you can change sound preferences based on how you want your sounds to be?
These equalizers are not present in android devices, so the need for new better applications for equalizing is high. Applications like Music Volume EQ can be helpful and will definitely enhance the sound quality of your smartphone.

Find Where Your Smartphone’s Speaker is Placed ?

The knowledge of the position of smartphones is important. So, you should know the position of the speaker output. Also, you should check if the grills have dust which might block sound output. Things you must take care of :

  • Do not Cover the speaker grill with your finger, phone’s cover, or any other object.
  • Try to place it near a solid surface to enhance sound.
  • In some time, check if the girls of your speaker are clear and remove all the dust particles from it if any.

Go One Step Ahead: Root Your Smartphone

Root access can enhance all the abilities of your smartphones and sound quality is no exception. You can root a make some changes in the stock equalizer setting of your smartphone or add a built-in equalizer embedded ROM to enhance quality.


You can get a better sound quality from your smartphone by using these Hacks To Improve Sound Quality of Your Android Smartphone. Try these easy steps and see the results, also share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy a better sound quality in their smartphone.

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