Google testing Tab Strip for PWAs in Google Chrome

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PWA’s are the future of websites and we will soon we used greatly by mobile and web developers all around the world. Indicating this all major browsers are updating themselves to create a better environment. Recently, Microsoft show interest in investing in PWA’s by adding a feature that runs PWA’s on Startup of Windows 10, and now Google has also made it clear that soon PWA’s will be replacing web apps.

Google Tests Tab Strip for PWAs in Chrome Browser

Stepping toward the development of support for PWA’s in browsers, Google also has started testing integrations for PWAs in the Google Chrome browser.

New Tabbed Mode Application

The new web app application interface will have tabs i.e. they will look like tab bars as in browsers but do not have any URLs. This new interface is currently under development by the chromium team and is available behind a flag for testing in the latest update of Google Chrome Canary v81.0.4023.0.

the new flag update is available for all operating systems, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and is under the name of ‘Experimental UI for exploring what PWA windows would look with a tab strip‘.

Google is working on this feature of tab strips. It’s in Chrome OS as of now and being developed for Windows too. It’s a bit of complex feature but is a lot useful in long term usage because an application with multi-tab function is actually a good idea.

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