Google confirms experiment to remove full address from URL bar in Chrome, details opt-out mechanism

Google is testing new changes in Chrome Dev/Canary 85

Google is testing the new update for Google Chrome since last week which can hide the full address of the web page and replace it with the domain of the website.

For example this will be replaced by

This is getting some criticism but now Google is up with the answer on why this is done.

A chromium developer came forward with a reply on this “We think this is an important problem area to explore because phishing and other forms of social engineering are still rampant on the web and many research shows that browsers’ current URL display patterns are not effective defenses. We’re implementing this simplified domain display experiment so that we can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses to understand and helps the users to identify malicious websites.”

To make the users understand their concept in a better way a research paper on website identity was linked. The paper evaluated the user’s behavior on the website. This outcome of the research was that “no[iterations of URL] impacted user’s understanding of page security“.

Also, Google will provide a way out. There will be a way to see the URL as they showed previously. There is an option “Always show full URL” which will help users achieve what they want.

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