Google Chrome Update! Google fixes PDFs issue in Chrome 80

Google Chrome has been on top for years when it comes to updates and bug fixes and it still delivering quality to its users and tries to solve every other issue the arises. In its new stable update chrome users faced a new issue with PDF file loading. the developer team took action ASAP and fixed the issue in the new update of Google Chrome v 80.0.3987.122.

Chrome 80 not printing PDF’s

The thread started by users on Reddit, official help forums and social media platforms have done a great impact and the developers quickly resolved the issue.

The issue was in the rendering of PDF files that were greyed out or where not rendering properly in the Google Chrome 80 stable release for windows and mac. The same was resolved in chrome’s next update.

The Cause for Google Chrome’s Issue

In a recent update, google chrome has added a new feature that makes the searches and browser experience better by sending URLs to google. This was enabled under the name of real-time Phishing protection.

This was creating an issue by disabling a full URL check for PDF files in chrome that lead to the issue.

So, if you have not updated your chrome you can update it with to a new version or if you don’t want to, then you can follow these steps,

Open Google chrome -> Go to Settings -> Yoo and Google -> Make searches and browsing better -> uncheck.

So, here is some fruitful information regarding Google Chrome as opening PDFs is quite a necessary process and this issue might not be good to go thing for users.

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