Google Chrome Now runs Audio in a Separated Process

Google Chrome is a browser available for all platforms. The software developed by Google is the most popular web browser’s available on the internet. It always tries to make the user experience better for this it creates a new process that takes some space of memory to do the task more effectively.

Google Chrome Now runs Audio in a Separated Process

chrome-browser version 76

Google Chrome’s latest version 76 was released on July 30 and is up with some new and amazing features that make your browsing more and more effective.

New in Chrome 76

Google Chrome’s latest version 76 is up with new features. Here are some new features :

  • Added dark mode that changes according to your os preference.
  • Easy installation of progressive web apps with install button in the Omnibox.
  • No info bar now on progressive web apps on mobile.

Google Chrome Audio Process

From this new version of google chrome now has a new update that now is able to handle the audio on the browser. There is now a separate process that will handle the chrome browser’s audio.
This makes the browser’s process better. This separate process will be available for windows, mac, and Linux.

After this update, the browser now has a process named ‘Utility: Audio Service‘ will be there in your task manager for an audio or video browser tabs.

Earlier in the chrome browser, if due to some glitches the audio crashes the whole browser hangs up. But due to this utility: audio service process, the browser will not hang but the audio will stop working till the process that has malfunctioned is revoked.

Check if the audio process is working,

  • Launch Google Chrome 76 version.
  • Launch any application that plays sound like youtube or ganna.
  • Now, check there will be a process named utility: audio service in your task manager.

According to the Chromium developer’s team, “making audio functionality will improve Chrome stability and availability of audio which will restart the audio system if it fails”.

Which OS do not have audio process file.

The separate audio file for handling the audio process is not available for android and Chrome OS.

By creating a separate file for moving audio platform will increase the stability of your browser but isolating the browser from audio driver faults.

The long-term benefit is enabling audio processing logic running in the audio process, i.e. closer to the hardware and without passing audio buffers to renderer processes wherever possible, which means having a more stable audio path latency and better performance (we can better tweak priority of the audio process as well).


Adding a separate process that handles the audio files in the chrome browser makes it more stable. But it may also affect the overall performance of the system which has a lesser amount of RAM.

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