Google asks users to Switch to Chrome

Google Says No To Edge
Google asking users to Switch to Chrome

– Google asks Edge Chromium users to Switch to Chrome browser on its Websites

After the stable release of Microsoft’s Edge browser, Google is prompting users to switch to google chrome to use Google services.

No Edge Say Google On its Websites! Use Chrome For Safe Browing

Yes, this is the new policy of Google for the Windows users who are using Edge Browser for Surfing internet. Users are prompted to download and use google chrome for using Google’s services like Docs, duo web, Google news and a lot more. Even on the main page, the users are prompted to use Google Chrome and update to use the applications without hindrance.

We Saw This Was Comming! But this fast, not expected

Google started bocoming anti-edge.

Microsoft has just released the stable version of its new web-browser, and google is threatened by it. Google has now started asking users of Chromium edge to switch or update to google Chrome to use services.

In starting google started to recommend Chrome to users who wished to run extensions. Initially, it seemed like an add but this got really a big deal we google started prompting the same on all google based services for chromium edge users. As seen, the same prompt to use google chrome is on google docs, news, translate.

Google Prompts users to Switch to Chrome in Docs
Google Prompts users to Switch to Chrome in Docs

When it comes to features Edge is given a tough competition to Chrome as it supports features like safe browsing, adblocker, etc that are available on chrome. All these features are regularly updated on Edge too with adequate support. it seems like Google Chrome is getting a comiption and it would make both the browsers even better. but Google isn’t willing to go for healthy competition, instead, it started prompting users to switch to Google Chrome to use Google-based websites.

Edge Browser users will now get a message switch to Chrome when the use Google websites. To use google based websites freely you need to switch to google chrome or using other web-browsers like safari, firefox.

This is something weird from Google against the Edge browser. As an internet user, you should know this information.

Some more information related to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge :

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