Foldable iPhone Comming Soon – New leaks from Apple

Apple is also working on a new concept of a foldable smartphone. Its been a while when Samsung launched Worlds first foldable smartphone Galaxy flex. After that many smartphone brands have started working on the concept. Now, Apple is also added to the list.

Earlier this week Apple has filed its patent for a foldable smartphone. Apple tends to launch soon a smartphone with a foldable screen and hybrid type look. This may be an iPhone or iPad don’t know.

Foldable iPhone First look

According to the released patents, Apple is Looking forward to making an iPhone that has a central hinge to fold smartphone two ways. This is the same as other vendors are doing. But there is another concept by Apple that has three-fold design and is the concept to watch out for.

Apple foldable iPhone Patent

According to the images we have got a tablet like iPhone that folds up to a normal size smartphone with a central hinge (as in Fig 1A and 1B). The other concept of the patent was a double hinge iPad that triple folds and becomes a more compact and good looking smartphone.

The smartphone screen that folds up is a very interesting matter of play. Apple might use high-quality material such as glass, ceramic, sapphire or zirconia whichever will suit their design and quality standards.

Another Patent by Apple

Another patent by Apple is for a smart keyword. This is another interesting stuff by apple. This keyword attached to the iPad and can be used both ways. One side there is a Keyboard with a touch bar type screen to make things easy. And the other side of the keyboard is fitted with a trackpad. This patent is also a good concept by Apple. Hopefully, we can see this smart keyboard soon and use its multi-utility functions.

This smart keyboard (as in figure 17 & 15) is a two in one keyword cum trackpad. The keyboard also contains a keyword and a extended touch bar.

Samsung Galaxy Flex is already launched and is scoring good in the market. Huawei and Oppo are on their way to launch their foldable smartphone bt this year. And Apple’s new iPhone with foldable screen might come in the market in 2020.

All brands have introduced their flagship phones saperatly. Like Samsung Galaxy s10 and other smartphones of 2019

That’s all about foldable iPhone and the new keyboard patent by Apple that is going to be on floor soon. The release will be in 2020 hopefully in September.

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