Firefox gets Chrome-like Print Preview dialog

Mozilla Firefox 81 is going to change the print preview dialog which looks like Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top web browsers available on the web. And it keeps all its feature updated and include new changes a lot to keep up in the race. According to me its a great web browser, but I guess Chrome is better. And Firefox is trying really hard to cope up. For this firefox has rolled up a new update in which Firefox gets Chrome-like Print Preview dialog.

Firefox gets Chrome-like Print Preview dialog

In this update, Mozilla will change its current print preview UI to a new one. This UI is similar to Google Chrome’s print UI. Firefox Nightly version 81 has the new print preview by default.

To access this menu in Firefox can be accessed by clicking on the menu print option. This will open the print preview in the current browser window.

Google Chrome's print preview UI
Google Chrome’s print preview UI… Firefox gets similar UI

This change is been made in order to make the UI of the prime preview consistent with other applications that are available in Windows. And it is avaialbe in Firefox 81 Nightly and is turned ON on the experiments page named under “Print Preview Redesign”.

How to enable the new print preview UI in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has added this new chrome-like print preview option under the experimental features. To enable follow these steps:

  1. Download and Open Firefox 81 Nightly.
  2. Visit about: config.
  3. Search for “print.tab_modal.enabled.”
  4. Toggle ON, the icon to change the value to true.

This will enable, the new print preview page. This is a simple preview option without any controls, just a cancel option.

This is an update about the new update of Firefox in which Firefox gets Chrome-like Print Preview dialog. I hope you find this article informative. Comment below, about your views on this new UI update. Also, share this information with your friends who use Firefox browser and will get affected from this update.

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