Firefox 80 adds UI to settings to enable HTTPS-only Mode

Firefox 80 enable HTTPS-Only Mode

Firefox 80: enable HTTPS-Only Mode
Firefox 80 enable HTTPS-Only Mode

Security of data at websites on which user is visiting is becoming an important aspect. One basic and simple way to make your website more secure for the user is making it HTTPS i.e. adding an SSL certificate to the website. And seeing this, browsers have also started showing websites without SSL certificate as unsafe. You might have seen this in Chrome. And a similar feature is getting added to the Mozilla Firefox in its latest update, the will add an option in the setting which will allow its users to enable HTTPS-Only Mode for its users and enhance their security on the web.

Firefox 80 adds UI to settings to enable HTTS- only Mode

Mozilla will be adding this new feature in its Firefox 80 in Privacy and Security Settings. From here, the users will be able to enable HTTP only mode which will be switched ON of browser in normal or private Windows.

What is HTTPS-only Mode?

The HTTPS-only mode in Firefox will upgrade all insecure connections to HTTPS in the browser. This upgrade will enhance the security of the connection.

For example, if you are visiting a website which is HTTP. The website will send HTTP requests. The Browser will automatically convert them to HTTPS. This is done by firefox by converting the resources that are being sent from the site to HTTPS. This resource can be code files like CSS, JS, or media files like images, videos. The browser will try to upgrade these files to make the website secure. In this case, the browser cannot do this update, you will get a warning.

Potential Security issue warning by Firefox

When you visit an insecure site that cannot be upgraded to HTTPS one by Firefox when the HTTPS – Only mode is enabled. The browser will prompt the below warning. This warning will prompt Nightly Detected A Potential Security Issue along with two-button. These buttons showing Accept Risk and Continue and Go Back which is highlighted.

Security Prompt on Firefox
Potential Security issue warning by Firefox

When you visit an HTTP website, and the browser is enabled to convert to HTTPS. It will show a warning.

You’re browsing in HTTPS-Only Mode, and a secure HTTPS version of <site_name> website is not available.

What could be causing this?

  • Most likely, the website simply does not support HTTPS.
  • It’s also possible that an attacker is involved. If you decide to visit the website, you should not enter any sensitive information like passwords, emails, or credit card details.

This feature is available by Mozilla for Firefox 80 and can be enable easily following a few steps using Nightly.

How to Enable HTTPS only mode in Firefox

  1. Download the Firefox 80 and launch it.
  2. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & Security
  3. Select “Enable HTTPS-only mode in all windows
  4. Restart your Firefox browser to make sure the feature is enabled.

That it now you are secure from HTTP websites and will get warning before visiting HTTP site

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