Edge prompting Users to Install Extension for Casting

Know why is Microsoft Edge asks to Install Extension from Google for Casting?

Microsoft has recently updated its web browser Microsoft edge to a new version. In the stable and pre-release of the browser, using the cast feature requires to install Media Router Extension. When you use the Cast feature for the first time on Edge, it will prompt you to install the plugin from Google.

Microsoft Edge asks to Install Extension from Google for Casting

The casting feature is backed by google cast which allows the browser to mirror tabs and media to another screen like T.V.s. Google Chrome comes with this Google Cast built-in but in the case of Edge, this feature is not by default available.

Using the Google cast feature in Edge is not as smooth as Chrome. For the feature to work properly, an extra plugin is required. The plugin is Media Router Extension. The prompt for download will be there when you first time try the cast to devices feature.

How to Try Cast to device feature

On edge, if you want to cast any data from browser to other devices. You need to follow these steps,

right-click on page → select “Cast media to device”. Ideally, this will start searching for the list of available devices.
But if you do this for the first time, you will get a notification form Edge. It says, “An extension from Google is needed to support Chromecast and DIAL devices. Please restart the browser to install“.

Microsoft Edge asks to Install Extension from Google for Casting
Microsoft Edge asks to Install Extension from Google for Casting

On, clicking restart, the extension will be installed form the Store. All new updates will be requested from the chrome Web Store as this extension is not available in the Edge Extensions.

How to Disable the connection to Edge store for this update?

There is an option to restrict your Edge from getting updates from Chrome Web Store for the Media Router Extension. You have an option for that too. Follow these small steps to disable it,

  1. Open Edge browser → Visit edge://flags.
  2. Search “Enable on-Demand Media Router Extension“.
  3. From the dropdown, select Disable → restart the Browser.

Do you use the casting feature for your devices? if yes for what do you use it? I use it for watch youtube/movies on T.V. Comment below how you use it?

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