How to download Instagram posts and Stories : 2020

Easy ways to download Instagram photos, videos, and Stories
How to Download Post and stories in Instagram
How to Download Post and stories in Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media sites in the world, with 500 million active users. And these users share a lot of photos and videos daily. And if you an Instagram user, there might be cases when you want to download posts form some users. But on Instagram, you can’t directly download the post by other users, as Facebook does. So, for your ease here we are with How to download Instagram posts and stories.

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How to download Instagram posts and Stories

Thier are alot of tools available online that can be used to download instagram post. Many of these are free and easy to use.But Before downloading Instagram post (images/videos) that permission from the owner. And the post from only public accounts can be downloaded.

One easy way to save the post shared by someone who has shared on Instagram is by taking the screenshot or recording screen. But this process can’t guarantee good quality and there might be some notifications popping out, or extra things that are required to be trimmed off. So, we need some proper methods to perform that task which can be done using some online tools.

Download Instagram Post, videos and stories using online tools

Their many online tools available, you can use any one of them to download Instagram posts and stories. Some common tools are,,, DownloadGram, As all these are websites, you can visit them and download the posts and stories of your favorite Instagrammer for free on your smartphone or on your system.

How to download Instagram Videos, stories and Photos using

All the tools work in the same way, so we are not creating a separate how-to tutorial for all, instead, we will show you using one i.e. Follow these steps to download Instagram videos, stories and photos:

  1. Go to the Instagram post that you wish to download and get its link. Instagram account->post->tap on three-dot icon->tap on copy link.
  2. Visit, go to Tools -> Instagram Downloader. On this page, you will get options to download photo, video, profile, stories, IGTV.
  3. Select the appropriate tab to download the item of your choice, then click on search.
  4. You will be shown the post with a download button at the bottom.
  5. Click on download and its done.
Steps to download Instagram posts and stories
Steps to download Instagram posts and stories

That its about downloading posts, stories using the ingramer, the tool has some other features too, to download profile, etc that can be done using premium.

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