How to Enable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox

Firefox comes with the option to autofill credit card details and saves them…

Firefox in its latest updates is bringing forward some great features that can be really helpful for its users. This time the Credit Card Autofill feature is getting integrated to the browser. The feature will enable the browser to automatically fill the information of your credit card on the website where you want them. You just need to fill your CVV and hit enter to go to the payment confirmation page of your bank.

This feature will be available for the users from Mozilla Firefox 79 En-US users.

How to Enable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox

Enable Credit Card Autofill
Enable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox

The credit card autofill feature can be easily accessed from the Privacy & Security Forms and Autofill in the setting. But you need to turn it on in your browser using these easy steps :

  1. Launch your Firefox 80 Nightly
  2. Go to about:config
  3. In the search bar type “autofill” and find these two options :
  4. Toggle the values for both to True
  5. To add extra security and prevention of access by others, you can enable password by settings → Privacy and security → Forms autofill → check Require Windows authentication.
    For Mac users: touch id will be required or if no password is set you need to hit the OK button twice.
    For Windows users: The passwords will be based on the system, fingerprint or hardcoded. If no password is there, nothing will be prompted.

So, this is how you can enable the autofill credit card details option in your windows system. And using this your payments using cards can be made easy.

There is one more thing that you need to learn about this new feature. It is how to add, edit, or delete credit card details. As details might get outdated or you don’t use the card much, it will be better to delete the details.

How to Add, Edit or Delete Credit Card Details

  1. Go to Settings → Privacy and Security → Autofill and forms.
  2. Click on “Saved Credit Cards”.
    Click the “Add” button followed by the card details to add a new credit card.
    Hit the “Edit” button by a credit card to edit the Credit Card you have selected.
    Click the “Remove” Button by a credit card to delete it.
  3. Once you have made all the required changes, click on X to save changes.

How to Disable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox

If you wish to disable the feature for some reason, you can do that too. Follow these steps to disable Credit Card Autofill in Firefox:

  1. Go to Settings → Privacy and Security → Autofill and forms.
  2. Uncheck the “Autofill credit cards” option.

So, do you using this feature and thinks this one is too helpful? I don’t very often use the credit card for new websites. Comment below if you use it too often that autofill will be helpful.

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