How To Create Strong Password And Remember It

Create strong password in minutes
Strong password in minutes

Today’s gadget-oriented world need you to secure your stuff using passwords. Everything and everywhere you have to provide a PIN or Password to make sure that the stuff is accessed only by you. From cards to smartphone account you need password everywhere. So to create strong password is very important to make sure your accounts can’t be hacked and you never forget it.

Making passwords needs a bit of creativity to make yours password more complex hence more difficult to crack. Using some small techniques you can create strong password in minutes.

How To Create Password In Minutes

Passwords are so important and users now are having many different passwords. Making each password different and remembering them is a difficult task.

Users often use strong password generators and password managers to help them make their password management quite easy. Instead of these password managing applications, you can yourself make a strong password and use it for your account and you will not forget them.

Strong Password Generator

A password generator is a tool that creates strong password for your account that cannot be easily predicted. These passwords generated are strong passwords and are based on the guidelines of password creation. Many vendors provide password managers and are available on the internet but these tools have an attached price to them.

These software are good but i personally suggest you to make your own password and remember them. Why to give your security in others hands, if there tools crashes you are stuck and do not know any password.

How To Manage your own Passwords

Managing passwords is becoming more difficult with increase number of passwords to handle. For each account its not safe to use the same password. That can be a huge issue when password to one of your account is leaked or someone knows that. So here are the things you can use to manage your passwords.

Use Browser’s Save Password Feature

If you are the only one to have access to your computer/ laptop. You can use your web browser’s save password feature. This is the easiest and cost-free way to manage your password. But use only trusted browsers for this method like Google Chrome or Safari. These will never leak your passwords and their crash recovery is quite good, this may save your data.
Do not use any untrusted browser for saving your data.

Keep A Hard Copy of Your Passwords

This method may look old fashioned but is a good option if you have a habit of losing passwords. You can maintain a dairy where your passwords will be written as a hard copy. Keep this diary safe and use it when you need to know or forget a password. This method is good one but you have to write each password manually.

Making Password based on Pattern

You can make a password for your account based on a specific pattern. All your passwords will be similar then and easy to remember but are not the same. If one password is hacked then others can be kept the same. In the next section, we will help to create strong password using a base pattern.

Make Strong Password in Minutes

A strong password is really important for any user. and remembering it difficult. So making a strong easy to remember password is really important for people to work online. There are methods to make a better password for users. Passwords made may have to memorized once and rest is good. You will easily recall the password when you need it.

Traditional Good Password Definition

A good password should have the following characteristics :

  • Password Strength: minimum 12-14 character password is treated as strong. A longer password is better.
  • Include Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols in your password and mix them well.
  • Don’t use Dictionary words or their combinations.
  • Don’t use obvious replacements. Like, 0 for o , @ for a , ! for i.

Based on this you can create passwords of good strength for your accounts. Passwords like “[email protected]” are quite good but the choice of digits should not be obvious.

Methods To Make Strong Password

Method 1:

Use the first letters of words of memorable sentence. This can be a great trick and memorable sentences are more efficient and letter mixed up according to the case are good for making a strong password based on the traditional definition.
For Example, Your can take any regular sentence that you say daily. Like, ” I love to work at my laptop till 2 am “. This can be encoded into a strong password as [email protected]. The password made here is 11 characters long and that’s quite big and contains all type of letters.

Method 2:

Make list up your 6-7 close friends and take the first two characters of their names along with cases and type a number with @ at the end of that password(the current year is also good).
For Example, I am listing 5 random names here, Krishna, Rocky, Jhon, Ram, Kristen. This list along with the number as the current year makes up my password. The password made is [email protected] the strength of this password is 15 that really good.

Method 3

Name the website whose password you are creating. The add your nickname’s initials to the password with any special of your choice and bingo your password is created(the strength can be increased by adding your full name). Also, you can alternate between initials of social media and your name.
For Example, You want to create a password for Gmail and let’s say your nickname is bob. Then you can create a password as Bob$gmail1. Using this your password strength can be up to 20 words and special characters will make it strong.

Method 4 : Use Traditional language

You native language words can be used to make great passwords in English (passwords are made in English). Using your language as passwords can be a good option as you can use names and easy words of native languages as passwords.
For Example, Your native language is Hindi and you will create a password in English using Hindi words. This method helps a lot as native words like ‘ka, se, etc ‘ have no significance in English.

This is the method with which you can create strong password that is easy to remember in minutes. Easy tricks can reduce the chances of your accounts getting hacked. That it, if you have any other method of making a strong password that you used once but no longer use please let others know about that and gain knowledge.

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