Chromium Edge Update: New Never Translate Option

The Microsoft Edge browser gets a new update: Translation UI now has the ‘Never Translate‘ Option

Microsoft always tries out new features for its software to make them better for their users. For Microsoft Edge, the testing of multiple features that are beneficial for its users is being done. That can come up in every new version of the Browsers. Recently in the new canary version of the Microsoft Chromium Edge the ‘Never Translate’ option for the translation UI is rolling to be tested.

Microsoft Edge ‘Never Translate’ Option

Microsoft Chromium Edge adds “Never Translate” option in the Translation UI. This language translate option this not inbuilt feature of the Microsoft Edge Browser.  However, you can install it as an extension from the app store. It’s been a drawback for this browser because other applications by Microsoft like bing, Skype and others have in-built compatibility with this translation. 

To overcome this drawback Microsoft is up with this new feature in the latest update by default in Dev and Canary versions. In the new beta versions of Edge i.e. new Canary, Edge v77.0.237.0 Edge comes with the “Never Translate” option for this Browser. Though you get this in other web browsers that are powerful too like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. But those need to be explicitly installed on your system. An inbuilt software that can do all your work efficiently is usually more preferred by the user, something that safari does for MacBooks

What’s new in this update

This feature has many things that can be made use of like the addition of new language to the list explicitly more not supported languages. For example, if you visit a site in Italian. Then, you have the option to choose from translate language – never translate Italian. I know this feature is not a big one but for an inbuilt browser it is a good step forward. You can alternatively change the language changing the option back to what it was initially. This will ask for translating language resetting the setting to default. 

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These features tend towards the intention of Microsoft in making the browser a powerful one that can be great for its users. Hope! Edge gets better and better and then could get some eyeballs and us as users need not install any external browser for general-purpose tasks. 

If Edge gets all the proper utilities, then I would like to use it as my primary browser. Though some advanced options would not be there for general purposes, it’s a better option. What do you think about this?

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