Chrome’s Lite mode to sync with Android’s Data Saver Mode

Google chrome has recently updated its lite mode to make it support with the saver switch according to the OS.

Chrome’s Lite mode to Sync with Android’s Data Saver Mode
Chrome’s Lite mode to Sync with Android’s Data Saver Mode

Google Chrome’s Lite Mode

Google Chrome has a great feature that saves the data usage of your device by sending compressed pages from Google Servers to the device before visiting them. This feature was initially named ‘Data Saver’ but the last year Google renamed it to Chrome’s Lite mode.

The issue with Google Chrome Lite Mode

A bug regarding the Google Chrome’s Lite Mode has been filled by an employee an Chromium which states that this “lite mode should toggle with OS-level data saving preferences“.

According to him the feature which now needs a manual toggle ON-OFF to save data should change its preference and to toggle ON or OFF based on the data saving preferences of the operating system. i.e. it should toggle on when we switch on the data saver of the Android smartphone or Meter connections for Windows 10 or low data mode setting of iOS.

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Chrome Lite mode to sync with Android’s Data Saver Mode

Generally, if you enable Data saver mode in Android, Lite mode settings in Chrome will not toggle on. But the developers at Chrome are working on it. And will soon change it, so that Chrome lite mode will sync with Android’s Data saver mode.

The feature is currently being testing by Google Chrome in the Chrome Canary on Android. To access it, follow :

  1. Download and install Google Chrome Canary version.
  2. Configure data saver for your android.
  3. Launch Google Chrome Canary.
  4. Visit chrome://flags
  5. Search “Web platform features” and select enable from the dropdown.
  6. Restart your browser. This time the Chrome Lite mode is enabled by default.

This is still not available for Windows 10 yet.

Here’s a tweet from Adam Argyle on this :

Tweet from Adam Argyle on Lite mode in Android

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