Chrome Update: Download Later Feature for Android

Chrome for Android to let you Schedule downloads w/ ‘Download later’ feature

Google is trying really hard to bring the game up to become the undoubtedly Best Web browser. Though in user count none on the browsers are even half the number of users as it. And to stay up in the race continues the addition of new features is very important. So, this time Google is up with Download Later Feature for Android.

schedule download interface for Chrome Android
Schedule Download interface for Chrome Android

Download Later Feature for Android

For downloading this on your smartphone there are not many options available. Also, one major problem is the limited availability of data on mobiles. Due to this limitation, we often come to leave downloading stuff from the internet as the download might lead to the consumption of data.

This takes us to the option to download data files using download manager apps. These apps save the download for later (whenever wifi is available or for the night, before the data limit refreshes. For solving this issue for smartphone users Google Chrome for Android is up with a new feature that enables the users to download the files later at a scheduled time.

Chrome will also bring a feature to enable the user to download files when connected to a Wifi network that will save a lot of data. Currently, this feature is being tested in the Chrome Canary 86 which will be available once you enable a flag.

Once this feature will get to Chrome, you will get to see a few new options on the download page. There will be “Scheduled for later” and Explore offline options. As of now, if you wish to see how the Download Later Feature for Android will work. You should have the Chrome Canary and then follow these steps :

Steps to Enable Download Later Feature in Google Chrome Android

  1. Open Chrome → Navigate to chrome://flags page.
  2. Search for “Enable download later” → in dropdown select “Enabled”.
  3. Restart the browser.
  4. Now, when you visit the downloads page.
  5. Here you will find two tabs and a settings button on top.

There are two tabs on the download page for MyFiles and Explore Offline. On clicking the setting button you will see multiple options. These include download Location, Ask when to save files, Ask where to save files, and Download articles for you on Wi-Fi.

These will be soon available for you and you could enjoy these features in Google Chrome in the next update (i think so…).

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