Chrome gets Two-Page View for PDF, here is how to enable it?

Easy steps to enable Google Chrome’s Two-Page view for PDF.

Google is now working on adding a two-page view for PDFs to Google Chrome’s PDF Viewer plugin. The feature that works for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC but is most awaited for Google Chrome and Chromium Edge. The new version of Google Chrome Canary now comes with this feature of a two-page view for PDF viewer.

Google Chrome is integrated with an integrated (plugin) PDF viewer that is used to read, view, print and download PDFs in chrome itself. This Chrome PDF viewer has options to Zoom in and Zoom out contents of the PDF, rotating the document clockwise and anti-clockwise, download the PDF, print.

Google Chrome's PDF Two up View
Google Chrome’s PDF Two up View feature

Google chrome’s new feature: Two-Page View for PDFs

Chrome Canary’s latest update has brought forward a new feature for its users. The feature for its PDF viewer plugin and it add the functionalities like PDF viewing software like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This feature is adding a two-page view for PDFs.

How To enable Two-Page views for PDF’s in Chrome Browser

1: Download and install the latest update of Google Chrome Canary, 82.0.4084.0 or any other latest version.
2: Visit : chrome://flags/#pdf-two-up-view. The PDF two-up view will be shown, change it from dropdown and select, enabled and restart the browser.
3: Navigate to settings → Privacy and security→ Site Settings → PDF document.
From here, disable ‘download PDF files instead of automatically opening them‘.
5: Open a PDF file in your chrome browser, either from local computer (drag and drop on chrome) or from the internet (find a PDF file).
6: Here, you can see a new button in the options available on the right of the PDF viewer tab. This is button to enable or disable top-up view.
7: Toggle this to see the feature in action.

Google is planning to release it in stable release of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. and a shortcut might also be assigned to the feature to make it more accessible to the users.

Final Words

This feature of a two-page view is awaited by chrome users for long and will be released by them soon. I Hope, this content is likable and informative. This is how to enable Chrome’s Two Page viewer?

So, if you like this content share it with friends as this feature is useful and people should know about it. Also, comment on what more you wish to know about technology, we will try to bring forth every bit of information possible to you.

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