Chrome Showing Jump Lists on taskbar and App shortcuts on Android for some PWA’s

PWA is the future of applications

PWA developers are refreshing their apps to support the new feature of showing app shortcuts on Android Phones and just lists or tasks on the Windows taskbar. This will add one more layer to the usability of the PWA’s and users will feel more comfortable working with it.

What is PWA?

PWA - future of Web Applications
PWA – future of Web Applications src :

PWA is also known as Progressive Web Apps, it is a type of application. It is delivered through the web and is created using HTML, CSS, Javascript and can work on any platform using a browser.

PWA’s use the Browsers engine to work effectively and can interface with the operating systems as other application. But it takes a lot lesser memory space in the device. PWA’s can support things like background sync, caching, push notifications, offline working, etc.

To make the PWA’s more powerful big companies like Microsoft, Intel and Google are coming together. They are working on web apps to show shortcuts on Windows and Android OS.

How to use the feature now?

These features are still in the beta version. But can be tested by you using the canary version of Chrome and Microsoft Edge by installing the demo apps. Also, you need to enable a flap which is “desktop PWAs app icon shortcuts menu” for both Android and Windows.

We tested the twitter’s PWA which when installed in the Chrome Canary is showing some more jump lists under the tasks. These are “New Tweet”, “DMs”, “Notifications”, etc.

Twitter PWA's new just list options
Twitter PWA’s new just list options

This is about the new PWA application updates. I think you might be excited to know more information about this new feature in PWA’s as it will improve the user experience to a more hassle-free one.

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