Chrome Android is testing ‘Default Browser Promo’ in Canary

Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers even in android OS. And Google continuously making its browser better by adding new feature to Google Chrome.

Default browser promo in Chrome Canary
Default browser promo in Chrome Canary

Now, Google is taking a step ahead trying to improve user experience by adding a new prompt for making it default browser. With this prompt, the chrome browser for android is asking its users to Set Chrome as a default browser. The feature is present in the current version of Google Chrome Canary but is hidden behind the flag.

Steps to make Canary a default browser
Steps to make Canary a default browser

Chrome Android is testing ‘Default Browser Promo’ in Canary

It is usual for a browser in desktop’s to ask users to treat them as a default browser and each of them include an option to make its as a default one in settings.

And Google chrome is testing the same feature to make it default browser in android.

Make Chrome default browser in Android

Google chrome for Android might soon be showing a new prompt which will ask the users to Set Chrome as your default? with two options which are No thanks and Choose Chrome Canary

How to enable “Default Browser Promo”?

Google Chrome is testing the new prompt for Default Browser in its Chrome Canary version. It is hidden in that too, using a flag. Let’s see how to do it :

  1. Download Google Chrome Canary from PlayStore.
  2. Go to chrome://flags and then find the Default Browser Promo.
  3. Select Enabled and then restart the Chrome Canary version.

After this, when you restart the browser. This will pop-up a new prompt which asks the users to Set Chrome Canary as your default?

Let’s see how long will it take for this change will to accomplish this task. Now, let’s see how will users react to this.


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