Chrome Android – Automatic Translate Pages Language

Google Chrome for Android has come up with a new feature that will enable it to Translate pages appearing in a foreign language. This feature is rolled in chrome to help users browse more efficiently in the language of their choice.

Automatic Always Translate Pages Option on Google Chrome

Chrome browser for android has provided this feature that enables the translation of webpages visited by users that appear in a foreign language i.e. a language that you don’t usually use while browsing webpages.

Translate Page Option in Chrome
Translate Page Option in Google Chrome

The browser will automatically show a bar at the bottom of your app which offers you an option to translate it.
The option lets you instruct the browser to perform a task for a similar type of page to either always translate or never translate in the future.

Google also offers you an option to select the language from a list of available languages selected for you or by you. You can also edit this list.

How to Change preferences for Auto Translate Pages Option in Chrome Android

To change auto translate pages settings or set new preferences for the translation option offered by Google Chrome. Follow these steps :

  1. Launch Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Tap on the Menu at the top-right corner of your browser.
  3. Tap on Settings -> Languages.
  4. Here, you can see options with some default language and an option to “offer to translate pages in other languages”.
  5. This option will enable or disable that bar that comes at the bottom when you visit a foreign language.
Chrome change translation Preference

This is all about the new feature of Google Chrome that might be helpful to you. Especially, if you visit pages that are not in your preferred language, to translate them and work smoothly.

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