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Samsung M40 – First Budget Punch Hole Camera

M 40

Samsung always brings something new to its flagship smartphones. This year Samsung’s amazing launch was Samsung’s Foldable smartphone and its punch hole camera design for S10 series. Till now these features are available only to premium series of Samsung. But for the first time, Samsung is paying attention to the budget market. Samsung has launched …


RAM management and optimisation for android smartphone. Proven technique to free ram in android. Methods like force stop, uninstall , disable, clear data. are discussed and things made clear. How to change animation using developer options to free RAM and ultimate way rooting a smartphone are discussed.

How To Prevent Smartphone Overheating

We are heading towards a new definition of mobile phones. A device that has the ability to handle all sorts of general purpose things. The manufacturers are competing to make their phone best, best camera, fastest, best looking, more efficient. To fit in such a huge power of processing in a small compact device with …

Samsung Galaxy S10 review

Samsung galaxy S10 review, feature of samsung’s flagship smartphone. Triple camera, RAM , processor and other detail about the smartphone and pricing.
Features analysis and experiments, camera feature revealed , snapdragon processor chipped with 8GB of RAM to provide heat free user experience.