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WhatsApp to Offer In-App Purchases via Facebook Shop

WhatsApp to Offer In-App Purchases via Facebook Shop

In a conference yesterday (22-Oct-2020), Facebook made a big announcement related to WhatsApp. The application would be offering new services by the end of the year. These services include in-app purchases and hosting services which would add new e-commerce infrastructure across the company. WhatsApp to Offer in-App Purchases WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application. It …

Top 5 Technology Trends in Education

Technology Trends in Education

Technology has taken space in every walk of life be it healthcare, infrastructure, or education. More recently, there has been an uprise in the use of technology in the education sector. Technology, has hence is and will revolutionize the complete way of schooling and education that was being followed through many years. Here, we talk …

PUBG Banned: Indian Government Banned 118 Apps

Pubg banned in india

Government Strikes again! HeadShot to 118 Chinese Applications including PUBG Mobile The Government Of India has again banned Chines applications claiming to be “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity” of the country. This time the government has banned 118 Apps including Pubg Mobile, Rules of Survival and many more. The New app ban is come up …

5 Best Alternatives to YouTube


YouTube is a worldwide known video platform. It has been around for ages. It has tons and tons of videos dated back to the year 2005. The content of the videos is rich and caters to a variety of audiences. 5 Best Alternatives to YouTube However, recently many other video platforms have been made public …