How to Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10

Screenshots are important for display your work to people this might be sharing it with friends, upload on forums, or your Youtube channel or blog. For this, there might be cases when we need to capture a screenshot of a page whose dimensions are more than the window size. Here, we are with an article on “How to Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10”.

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Capture Screen Shots in Windows 10

Generally, Windows provides inbuilt options to capture screenshots. But these are generally single-page screenshots or screenshots within the dimensions of the Window.

How to Capture screenShot in Windows 10

To capture screenShot in Windows 10, you need to press CTRL + PRTSC.

another method to capture a screenshot is using the snipping tool with allows you to capture a section on the screen area within the screen dimensions.

Both these method are easy and are available on the windows 10 OS but you cannot capture the screen size more than the screen size.

But if you need to capture screenshots which have dimensions more than the size of screen. And capture a scrollable screenshot in Windows 10 OS, we have this guide for you.

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Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10

There is no inbuilt method to capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10. So, we will be using a third-party application for this. There is a lot of third party application that can be used for this I am listing a few and show the exact way of one only.

Tools to Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10

  • ShareX
  • PicPick
  • Snagit
  • Apwoersoft Screen Capture Pro

We will showing the process to capture using the PicPick.

How to Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10 using Picpick

Picpick is a great tool to capture screenshots that are full-screen or even more than the screen size(Scrolling). The application is developed by NGWIN. So, let’s go-to steps to and capture a screenshot:

feature of picpick to capture scrolling screenshots
feature of picpick to capture scrolling screenshots

Step 1: Download and install Picpick
Step 2: After installing press and hold Ctrl + Alt + PRTSC. This will open a new rectangular box in red color which will guide you in capturing the scrolling screenshot.
Step 3: Drag your mouse by pressing the left-click button and then capture the are you want to capture. Drag to the scroll area to capture that too.
Step 4: After this leave the mouse click. And in a few seconds, your scrolling screenshot will be captured.

This is how to can capture the screenshot using the Picpick apps. There are some other feature too that are provided by the Picpick like full-screen capture, Active window capture, freehand capture, etc. Also, this is free to use for you.


This was all about How to Capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10 using Picpick. I hope you find the article informative, if yes please share this video and comment this will encourage me to work harder for you.

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