BGMI iOS release: How To Download BattleGrounds Mobile India on iOS Devices


BattleGrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of Pubg mobile which was banned in India last year. The game is a battle royal game created by Krafton exclusively for Indian players. The Android release was in July after which the game regained its popularity but the only thing that was missing from the basket is the iOS version of the game.

This wait is over now, as Krafton has released the game in iOS too. The game is still in the release stage, so you might not be able to find it on the app store. Don’t panic, just follow some easy steps we have a list in this article on How to Download BattleGrounds Mobile India on iOS devices.

How To Download BattleGrounds Mobile India on iOS devices

The recent iOS release of the game has made it necessary for every Pubg lover to download the game once and experience it on their iOS devices. Thanks to the android release there is no pre-registration for downloading. It’s just a few steps and the game is ready for you to hit some headshots.

  1. Open app Store on your iPhone or iPad .
  2. Search for BattleGrounds Mobile India, the first opton is the game.
  3. Click on get to instal the game. It is sized 1.9 GB so let it downlaod it migth take a while.
  4. After the game installation is complete, you will see the open button -> click on it and enjoy your game.
What if you don’t see the game directly on app Store ?

It might be possible for some users that they might now see the game on AppStore on direct searching. It’s ok, the game makers have one more easy method for you.

You just need to go to BGMI’s official page: and click on the get it on iOS button, you will directly be navigated to the download page.

Welcome Rewards you will get with BGMI’s iOS download

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