Apple Smartphone: New Processor With Top-Notch Performance

What’s Inside Apple Smartphones Hood

Ever wondered what’s packed inside the new Apple Smartphone that make them superfast? The answer surrounding the question is the magical Bionic chip. It was introduced back in 2011 with promising products like iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. The chip is a powerhouse that can perform a vast range of operations in the devices.

Apple Smartphone’s A13 Bionic chip: Performance redefined

The latest trend is the A13 Bionic chip launched by Apple. The A13 chip can perform a whopping 1 trillion operations per second. It is closely inching over its predecessor A12 chip which can perform 600 billion operations per second, well it’s not restricted to just operations. The A13 chip is packed with some more cool stuff that could make you purchase the brand new iPhone.

According to Apple, the A13 Bionic chip offers a 20% improved performance of CP. Also, it is most likely operates at 40% less power than A12. The A13 chip is equipped with six CPU cores with two high-performance cores running at 2.66 GHz (called Lightning), and four efficiency cores (called Thunder). It has a quad-core graphics processor, an LTE modem, an octa-core neural engine for machine intelligence functions. An Apple-designed image processor that uses machine learning to help process their images. The chip’s speed allows it to shoot 4K video at 60 fps with HDR enabled.

What's new in Apple Smart devices that makes it better performance smart devices.
New innovative Apple devices

The chip is power efficient with claims that it can provide up to four extra hours of battery life for the new iPhone 11 Pro and up to five hours for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has a system that can selectively shut down power to parts of the chip when it’s not using them.

It would also make it easier to run face-recognition programs and do video editing and the like. The Apple TV launched recently, while Apple Arcade set to launch, which is the new suite of proprietary games. Both are bundled into deals with the new iPhone11.

New Apple A13 Bionic can perform update 1 trillion Operation.
New Apple A13 Bionic can perform update 1 trillion Operation.


With all that in mind, the bottom line is that “The A13 Bionic is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone”. Thanks to the 8.5 billion transistors compared to the 6.9 billion transistors in its predecessor.

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