Android TV set to gain Google Assistant Voice Match

Android TV is gaining popularity because of there integrated features and ease of use. Also, adding the feature of android is itself a plus point. Google has also added the Google Assitant which can be activated using the assistant button or “Hey Google”. This assistance button can be accessed from the remote of the Android TV.

Now Google has added the Google Assistant Voice Match to Android TV. This feature will enable the Smart-device to differentiate you from other device users.

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Android TV with Google Assistant voice Match
Android TV with Google Assistant voice Match

Google Assistant Voice Match in Google Search App for Android TV

The updated Google Search app for Android TV has added the new feature of Google Assistant Voice Match which helps the primary user a lot, this feature is commonly used by most of the Google devices to help detection of the primary user.

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The New App

The update of the application for Google search has added Android devices two days before which was versioned 4.2.0, it is an upgrade to the last update 4.1.0 which was called back by Google due to bugs, both these are aiming to get the Google ecosphere better. These updates show the same as Google is trying to integrate Google Home and Google Assitance for TVs too.

What is Voice Match feature in Google Devices ?

Here is something that will change your whole experience with Google Ecosystem sooner or later. Google’s all connected devices that are in your home will be able to recognize you, the primary user and differentiate you from other users of the device. This simply means through your voice and mobile will be able to understand who you are.

Google Home
Google Home – Smart device by google

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This is it for this update on Google Assistant Voice Match in Google Search App for Android TV, stay tuned for all the latest updates on tech and share this one with your friends to inform them about this update.

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