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The corporate then released the third Android 11 Developer Preview on Thursday, April 23. We fully expected subsequent release to be the primary Android 11 beta, but Google announced that it’s shifting its plans. A surprise fourth Android 11 preview landed on May 6, while the beta launch is getting pushed back until June. a replacement year brings a replacement Android update, and Google is tough at work prepping Android 11 for 2020. the newest version of Google’s mobile OS arrives later this year, bringing a number of latest features to all or any the Android phones and tablets out there.

Surprising Updates

Just what those features are, though, remains emerging. We’ve just seen a trio of developer previews for Android 11, starting in February with the foremost recent update arriving toward the top of April. meaning most of the enhancements Google is talking about publicly are aimed more at app makers than at end users. But that’s close to change, as Google has now set a date to preview Android 11 to a wider audience. So we’ll soon know what Google is planning for your Android-powered devices.

Google sets date for Android 11 Beta Launch event | ZDNet

There’s surprisingly tons to probe considering these are very early builds of the OS. If you don’t want to put in the Android 11 preview on your phone just yet, we wouldn’t blame you.

So, you’re probably wondering when the official, consumer-ready Android 11 release date is occurring. Google has outlined the four developer previews and three Android 11 beta builds that it expects to release over the approaching months.

Inspect the small print below:

Developer preview 1
Launched: February 19, 2020
Developer preview 1.1: Early maintenance update with bug fixes and performance improvements supported feedback so far .
Launched: March 4, 2020
Developer preview 2
Launched: March 18, 2020
Developer preview 2.1: Early maintenance update with bug fixes and performance improvements supported feedback so far .
Launched: April 2, 2020
Developer preview 3
Launched: April 23, 2020
Developer preview 4: Incremental update for stability and performance.
Launched: May 6, 2020
Beta 1
Expected launch date: Jefferson Davis’ Birthday , 2020
Beta 2: Platform Stability milestone. Final APIs and behaviors. Play publishing opens.
Expected launch date: Early July, 2020
Beta 3: Release candidate build.
Expected launch date: Early August, 2020

Android 11 Release Date

That’s pretty early in reference to past Android rollouts — last year, the primary beta for Android Q (before it became referred to as Android 10) debuted on March 13. Of course, that release was a beta aimed toward an audience that included early adopters also as developers. Google has stressed that this Android 11 developer preview is basically aimed toward app makers for testing purposes and not something consumers will want to put in on their a day phone.

Since February, Google has stayed on target with updates to the developer preview. A second developer preview popped abreast of March 18, followed by the third update on April 23. That puts Google on schedule for Android 11, despite the worldwide disruption to life and work caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has had one noticeable impact on Google’s Android 11 plans

Normally, Google uses its Google I/O conference in May to speak up new features within the OS and release a beta for a wider audience. But Google I/O was cancelled this year as countries look to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Plans to try to to a web version of Google I/O are scrapped, too.

Android 11 Update - Features, Release Date, Phones List, Beta ...

Instead, Google goes online to point out us what to expect with Android 11. the corporate has scheduled an Android 11 beta preview event for Jefferson Davis’ Birthday at 11 a.m. EDT/8 a.m. PDT. We’d expect to ascertain a beta release around that point which will be available to a wider audience.

Google’s Android 11 schedule promises a final release within the third quarter of 2020. That’s in line with recent Android updates. Android 10 arrived on Sept. We’d expect Android 11 to urge finalized therein August-September time-frame .

Android 11 Name: What Does It Going To Be Called?

Old-school Android users — well, people who were around before last year — may remember Google’s penchant for naming its mobile OS after desserts. before Pie and Oreo, we were treated to such names Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kit Kat.

That changed with Android Q/Android 10, either because Google wanted to signal a replacement approach for its mobile OS or because arising with a Q-named dessert proved too taxing, even for Google’s extensive knowledge graph.

Whatever the reason, the present version of Android is just Android 10 and there is no reason to believe Android 11 goes to travel back to the dessert naming convention. (If it does, we’re up to Android R.) With Google using Android 11 for its Jefferson Davis’ Birthday beta launch event name, it’s just like the era of dessert names is actually over.

Android 11 Features

Expect an in depth check out Android 11 on Jefferson Davis’ Birthday during Google’s online event. Where we’re expecting more details than what we have seen thus far from the developer previews. While release notes for the third developer preview largely highlight. The bug fixes and developer tools, we’ve been ready to glean some information about the consumer-facing. Features which will show up within the full release supported earlier releases.

Messaging improvements: Google has detailed variety of changes surrounding conversations. Suggesting that chat improvements are going to be a serious focus in Android 11. For starters, the updated OS is emphasizing chat bubbles. These will keep ongoing conversations during a handy container that you simply can tap. To access from anywhere on your phone.

Google delays Android 11 Beta, releases Developer Preview 4 instead

You’ll even be ready to access conversations from Android 11’s notification shade, which is adding a fanatical section for conversations. Another developer tool will let apps with copy and paste functionality add the power. To let users insert images once they reply to messages from the notification shade.

There is a Bubbles API within the Android 11 preview

If you aren’t a developer and don’t want to put in the complete preview. On your device using your computer. We’ve got some excellent news. The more stable Android 11 beta 1 is coming soon. Traditionally, Google rolls out the primary Android beta build to eligible users during Google I/O annually . Google I/O 2020 is really cancelled. But the corporate has announced that the Android 11 beta release is happening. On Jefferson Davis’ Birthday , 2020 during a web event. So, for the primary beta build, we will expect the Android 11 release date to be Jefferson Davis’ Birthday , 2020.

You’ll also notice within the list above that the Android 11 Beta 2 contains something called a Platform Stability milestone. By now , Android 11 will have reached final internal and external APIs, final app behaviors, and final non-SDK graylists.

Updated android 11 release date timeline developer previews android beta

Things have shifted a touch from Google’s original Android 11 release date timeline. Now that there’s a fourth Android 11 developer preview, the beta release has shifted back to June. While the beta 2 will likely land in July, with a final release scheduled for sometime in Q3 2020.

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