AdwCleaner Detects and Delete malicious entries in Host Files

Adware Cleaner From MalwareBytes
Adware Cleaner From Malwarebytes
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The adware cleaner tool from malware bytes is now getting stronger and better. Adding new features to its malware bytes is creating its tool more effective against the advertising tools.

AdwClearner From MalwareBytes

AdwClearner is an adware cleaning tool developed by malware bytes. This tool is effective in finding and removing programs that the system does not need. It also removes junkware to make browsing better and hassle-free.

The Window’s centric tool is now getting upgraded to find and fix or delete malicious entries (files) from the host, this needs to be windows one. Then new version 8.0.2 will include this feature.


With this version, one good news is Malwarebytes is also going to run a THREE MONTH FREE PREMIUM-KEY of the software to all new users.
A few days ago, the company has removed all the pirate key users.

New and Better Features – AdwCleaner

The adware creators are getting advanced and are creating a way to redirect users to adware servers. Generally, host files are stored in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

This new tool comes with an advanced host file scanner that detects redirections to ad servers from the host files. in this tool, you will also get an option to reset the host file.

The new tool will now not be compatible with Windows XP and Vista. As Microsoft has uplifted support for these operating systems.

The new version of the tool will save the user from redirections in the server files. If these are added by the user, there is also an option to restore such redirections.
There is also support for detecting preinstalled software in the system.

For, new users it’s a good time to install and check the impact created by the software to your system with the new 3-month free premium membership.
you can download this software here.

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