5 Methods to optimize smartphone RAM
5 Methods to optimize RAM usage in android

If you are thinking of boosting your device performance you might come across things like reduce RAM usage, increase performance, free up system storage, etc. One of the most important things to boost device performance is to reduce memory usage or optimize ram usage in your android smartphone.

RAM is a limited resource that can get exhausted and lead to slowing down of smartphone. This is a major problem in android devices that they lag in memory management. That is why android devices come with a huge amount of RAM, typically 4GB – 8GB and still some of them lag after some-time. So, in order to keep up your smartphone and usage it without any lag or frustration, you need to free up RAM.

If you want to speed up your smartphone and maximize RAM usage, we have this article on How to Optimize RAM in Android 2019. In this article, we will give you some memory management tips that will help you increase your smartphone’s performance and lets you play high-end games like PUBG, Asphalt without lag.

How To Reduce RAM Usage In Android Smartphone

Want to clear some space? For a new application, you want to install or to increase the speed of your smartphone, Playing the game without lag. You want to free up your storage for your smartphone needs. Here are some easy ways to clear up RAM of your smartphone.

Method 1: Stop Apps That Use Access Of Memory

There are apps in your smartphone that occupy space in your memory even when you are not using them. In the background, android keeps these applications on for smooth operation. Like in social media apps android stores that last loaded feed to increase loading speed when you open the app next time. This is not useful if you use that app once or twice a week. So, you should have a watch on what are the application that is eating RAM and you don’t need them.

To do this open Settings => apps/ application management. In this list search for apps that consume a huge amount of RAM and you barely use them. Tap on the app go it and force stop those you use rarely.

Note force stop/ uninstall only that apps that you don’t use regularly. If you stop apps that you use regularly you phone experience will degrade.

Method 2: Uninstall Unused Old Apps

An average android user install one new app weekly. Just imagine how much load will increase on you smartphone in sometime. The best way to maintain this is to uninstall or Disable those applications that you don’t use or rarely use.

Their are application that you don;t use but also don’t wanna uninstall as they may be huge sized and consume lots of data(problem with mobile data users). Then you can disable them, this will not uninstall them means you need not to download them again. Just enable them when you want them.

Uninstalling unused application can be helpful and can free up a huge amount of RAM for you. So, it’s a good practice to check this once a month to uninstall applications that you don’t use. These applications might be using your RAM, battery and mobile data even if you don’t use them regularly.

Method 3: Disable Inbuilt Application

You can also disable inbuilt applications that you don’t need. Some companies stuff their smartphones with a huge amount of inbuilt apps that may not be useful for its user. These applications consume a huge amount of RAM also your list that you made of applications that you don’t use and rarely use will contain many of these apps.

You can’t uninstall these apps because they are inbuilt by manufacture and are treated as system apps. But you can reduce the RAM consumption by them by disabling them. These apps will them consume only some part you your secondary memory not RAM.

There are some apps that you don’t need but are important for the functioning of other apps or are used for authentication work. If you uninstall/ disable them you will find a more complex way authenticating your stuff. Like Gmail and Facebook are used for logins into apps. So, don’t fully uninstall them just uninstall there updates for that they don’t consume huge memory.

Method 4: Keep Your Phone Updated

If you wish that your smartphone should run efficiently them you must keep it updated. In updates the short comings of older version are removed. Almost every update comes up with memory and battery optimisation feature that make android’s RAM management more efficient.

Method 5: Change Animation Settings

If you have done all of the above things and still feel that your smartphone is falling short of RAM that you require. Then you can disable transaction animation of you smartphone. This will reduce the RAM used by system web view. and you will get some extra amount of RAM for your work.

To turn off these animations go to developer options => drawing. In this section you will see window animation scale , transition animation scale , animator duration scale. Turn all of these to ‘OFF or 0.5X‘. This will reduce transition smoothness but free up RAM for your smartphone.

To enable developer option if you don’t have it on. Go to settings => About Phone => tap on build number. Tap on it until a tooltip shows “you are a developer now”. (see how easy its to become an android developer).

Method 6: Root Your SmartPhone

If you are still not satisfied with your smartphone and need it more efficient. Then the last option for you is to root your smartphone. Rooting means installing an external android OS instead of a company build one. This will give you more liberty in management and more power to your smartphone. Just can Google how to root a smartphone(specify your device). Each companies smartphone has its own method to root. Go for your phone follow steps and enjoy revealing the power of your phone.

RAM management Apps

According to me, RAM management apps do not do the work that is expected from them. They sometimes even increase the load on your smartphone rather than decreasing load on your smartphone. They are not efficient in optimizing RAM of your smartphone. To optimize RAM usage in android, these RAM management software are not a good choice. The maximum they can do is clear ram every hour, but this can be manually done twice a day. This will have the same impact.

So, here are the ways by which you can optimize RAM usage in android. To make your phone run fast and get some extra space to install your favorite apps. If you need some more assistance regarding this, drop a comment and I will respond to your query. Also, if you know any new ways to manage smartphone RAM, feel free to share with the other @ our blog techdiagnos.

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