5 Best Android OS Skin in the market

There are so many Android OS skins available in the market which apart from a new look, can give a host of benefits and features. We have compiled a list of Android OS skin that promises a new, better look to your phone. Also, many of these are provided by manufacturers and are also available in the market for user to download and install on their smartphones.

Android OS skin

5 Best Android OS Skin

Stock android is a great option for users to use as it provides a minimal interface. And also provides an option to use other skins of the OS on your smartphone. It’s totally up to us which one, we want to use on your phone. Rest every skin is good in its own way.


Samsung One UI 2 logo
Image source: Samsung ONE UI 2
 ONE UI 2 Android OS Skin, It comes with Samsung smartphones
Image source: Samsung ONE UI 2

Samsung ONE UI comes with Samsung phones and it came out along with the launch of Galaxy S10. The look and feel of the skin is round, flat along depth rounded corners which is a unique feature. This is supported by edge lighting which is quite a loved feature on android phones. It has lift to wake feature and you can also navigate with the help of gestures i.e. without screen buttons. It has good animation speed and stability and its theme and wallpaper store is one of the best in the market.

ONE UI has good face recognition features in which you can add two faces for face unlock. One of the best features present in this skin is Device care UI which tells about the performance of your phone when it comes to battery, storage and memory.

2. Oxygen OS

Oxygen Android OS Skin: comes with OnePlus smartphone
Image source: Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is one of the most preferred android skin in the market. It is OnePlus’ Android skin. Oxygen comes with many quality features like lightweight icons and visuals as well as a screen on and off gestures.

Since nowadays people have to work on their phones at night, it supports dark mode. It also gives a good quality picture in the dark with its ultra-dark mode. Another good thing about this android skin is that it has an in-built app locker to protect the apps that contain your sensitive data

With a clear emphasis on One Plus tagline “fast and smooth”, it gives extra steady and gives clear and smooth footage videos. It’s on-time software updates, as well as security patches, are very satisfactory. Overall it is one of the best choices for android skin and gives rise to a beautiful UI.

3. Color OS

Color OS 6
Image source: Color OS-OPPO
Color OS - Android OS Skin, it comes with Oppo smartphones
Image source: Color OS-OPPO

Color OS is another android skin available in the market. It comes with OPPO phones. Initially, it was launched it wasn’t that great, but with improvements it has improved a lot and gives many good features now.

It has many interesting features like Off-screen lock, Game assistant, excellent gesture navigation, and variety of wallpapers. This interface offers good RAM management and very few bugs are present in the build. Unlike some Android skins, its features are that face and fingerprint recognition feature is very efficient. it also offers refined sounds and better haptics.

One of the noticed downside of color OS is that the icons appear to be too flashy. But overall, a good choice to be considered.


MIUI-Toggle animations
Image source: MIUI
MIUI Android OS Skin, it is used in Xiaomi devices.
Image source: MIUI

MIUI ships with Xiaomi devices and mainly has iOS derived aesthetics. There are some great features in MIUI like MI Drop for transferring files. MIUI also gives an option to download themes from a dedicated store.

MIUI can run on less powerful hardware and has an MIUI store from where you can access a lot of exclusive apps. Like in iOS, it comes with brightness slider feature. Its performance is top-notch with very intuitive visuals. MIUI also comes with a phone management app that helps you manage your phone functions like antivirus scanning, battery, and storage features.


EMUI Android OS Skin, come with huawei and honor smartphone
Image source: EMUI

EMUI is an Android skin used by Huawei and Honor smartphones. it has many features like navigation gestures, customized home screen, and other gestures to launch apps. It has an app drawer which helps you de-clutter your android’s home screen and is a feature most people prefer.

One outstanding feature is that the android skin has many AI-related features which helps you take good photographs and providing smart tips. EMUI also has an app-lock feature that keeps your sensitive data secure. The phone also provides multitasking with the help of split-screen mode, so you can work on more than one task. It can be enabled with one simple tap.

Other than this, it has many more great features like PC mode which lets you view your smartphone screen to a larger view.

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This was our list of best Android OS skins available in the market. Share your views in the comments and let us know which Android OS skin do you prefer. We also share a lot of useful on social media, so please consider following us on:

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