10 Whatsapp Tricks that you Should Know

Whatsapp Tricks and tips
10 Best WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms now. With such a huge customer base it always adds something new for its users but not all the time we get to know the tricks. We do not know many features available in Whatsapp that could ease our lives. So, here is a list of 10 life-changing Whatsapp tricks that can help you.

10 Whatsapp Tricks Every User Should Know

Here, we have tricks for you from making a bookmark for a message to reading the message without the sender knowing it. This tricks are very useful and can make your Whatsapp usage more effective.

BookMark a Message

You can bookmark a message from your chat for future reference. Marking a message for further reference is a good practice and can save you time for searching for the message in the chat when required.
To Star your messages Go to chat -> tap and hold the message -> click on the star icon the top bar. To see the bookmarked messages open WhatsApp -> tap on the triple icon at the top and tap on stared messages.

Delete Messages Sent By Mistake

You can delete a message in WhatsApp within 7 minutes of sending. This message will disappear leaving behind a message “You deleted this message/ this message was deleted“.
To delete a message navigate to the message -> tap and hold the message -> select delete the message -> delete for everyone. This will permanently delete your message with the message. And the receiver cannot read it from now.

Pin Important Chats At the Top

If you chat a lot with people and have a problem with finding chats. There is a method by which you can pin them to the top and they will remain up even though you have not talked to them recently.
To pin a chat tap on the chat -> at the top bar a pin icon will appear -> tap on the icon. Now, your chat is pinned to the top of your WhatsApp and will remain there even if 100 other chat is done after it.

Read message without blue tick

If you want to read a message without the sender knowing about it(no blue tick). This helps you when you have the curiosity to read but can reply at the moment.
To read the message without a blue tick, turn OFF mobile data -> open WhatsApp and see the message -> force stop WhatsApp. This message will not be marked as read when you turn on mobile data again.

Mark Chat as unread

If you have read a chat that you can’t reply at that moment you can mark this chat. There will be a green dot showing up that this chat needs to be addressed once again.
To mark a Chat unread select the chat -> tap on triple-dot icon -> mark as unread. This will add a green dot on the chat and also the tab will show it as unread.

Customised chat Background

You can add custom background to your WhatsApp chat box. To make it look more comfortable and good. Instead of the old boring chat tab use a new good looking image of you or something you like.
To add chat background go to settings -> chats -> wallpaper. Add the image of your choice.

Stop Downloading media

If you receive lots of images from WhatsApp. You might not want to download each of them. So, you can change your WhatsApp setting to reduce the WhatsApp’s default feature.
We have dedicated article for this process as it may also be slowing down your phone. Stop Downlaoding media

Send Highlighted messages

If you have a good length message and need the receiver to pay attention to some of your text. You can highlight it. You can make your text bold, italic, strikeout to make it eye-catching and look different from others.
To make text bold add Astrik ‘*’, for italics add underscore ‘_’ and for strikeout add tilde ‘~’ at the start and end of your text.

Check which user talks to you most

There is a way by which you can check which user chats with you the most. To do this open your WhatsApp, go to settings ->data and storage usage -> storage usage. This will list all the users who send you a message based on the data used to download your data. On tapping on their profile here, you will get details and count of the message, images, etc that were transferred.

So, these are some important WhatsApp tricks that you should know and can use to enhance your experience using WhatsApp. This list contains only 10 tricks there are many small things that you can learn like
How to download WhatsApp story.

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