10 Ways to increase Instagram followers

– Gain 2X more Instagram Followers in one month

Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing site. many people share their stuff online on Instagram. And becoming famous on social networking sites looks fancy. Getting Instagram followers to your account whether it is your personal account or a blog that you run on Instagram. You need followers who like your content comment on it and do more stuff.

So how to get more Followers on your Instagram account. Its easy and you just need to follow these Amazing 10 way to increase Instagram followers help you gain 1k followers in 1 month.

How To increase Instagram Followers (Working Trick)

These 10 ways can help you grow your blog and get more audience on your Instagram account. Getting more followers on Instagram means more engagement and more people watching your post. If you have a legitimate amount of people watching your stuff then brands pay you money for your posts that advertise their stuff.

#1 Create an Impactful Profile and catchy feeds page

Your Profile plays a major role in converting your page viewers into followers. When someone visits your profile, a complete, attractive, and detailed one will have more chances to convert them to followers. It reflects what your page is about and it feels.

## Create a Unique and attractive Posting

Creative posts are very important to attract an audience. Unique post increases the value of your brand and makes you stand out in the crowd. Unique posts catch your audience. You can add your special touch by adding a special frame etc in your post or any other specific themes to make them interesting.

## Use your Highlight to show your brand

Highlights are your stories that you save for your audience. Making them get a better insight into your brand. You can use them to tell your stories, timeline, and members of your brand.

## Make Sure Your links are updated

Your profile is the only place where you can have a call to action and working links in your Instagram. So, your linked accounts should be mentioned over there so that users may visit your brand’s website or blog to get more insights to your brand.

#2 Post Quality Content

Content Quality is very important when it comes to Instagram. Instagram ranks high-quality images higher, so it’s a good practice to use quality images for posting your stuff. Bring innovative content is also important to increase Instagram Followers.

## Use Editing Tools (Lightroom) – make photos better

Editing tools provide your gateway to make your photos better by adding details and focus on your core content. Brightness, colors, saturation, sharpness when adjust make the picture more realistic and amazing.

## Share Stories more with hashtag and locations

Stories come with features to add locations, hashtags and lot more. You can use this to reach more audience. Tagged stories have more views than the normal one. You can use them to bring more audience to your profile.

## Share Stories or post that have face

People tend to connect more with a brand that has a face attached to it. The face may not be famous (huge brand use fame to catch audience) but it generates trust for the page. People think that the page is not fake and can be trusted on.

## post with catchy and interesting caption

When someone sees your post and it looks good the thing that users see before visiting your profile is the caption of your post. It can be the decision-making point for them to follow your page or not. If you write a catchy and appealing caption people tend to visit your profile.

#3 Post When Your Audience are Online

Posting according to audience presence is really a great idea. If you are new and just started making up your brand. Google best time to post on Instagram for your niche. When you have some audience just post when most of them are present. You need to visit your insights -> audience -> scroll down. You will see day wise time when the audience is online. Post 15-20 minutes before most of your views go online. This will make sure your post is in their feed.

## Tagging and locations are important

Tags are a very important factor in Instagram to rank in feeds. The algorithm ranks posts according to their tags and users relevance. So, tags are required to come in users search feeds. Also, a specific location and tag can be a good combination to reach a target audience.

## Reach more using Shoutouts

Getting shoutouts is the easiest way to reach followers. A popular person or page asking their followers to follow you can make an impact. Normal shoutouts are not that appealing and are less likely to get followers. So, give time to make innovative shoutout story and ask people to give a shoutout.

#4 Engage Your Existing Followers

## Keep them engaged in Stories (poll, live, etc)

Once someone follows your Instagram page you must keep them engaged so that they don’t clear up your account after a while. Not reach the audience is one of the main reason they unfollow you. And stories are the best ways to get their suggestions as well as getting them involved.

## Ask to turn ON post notification

Users turning ON post notification for your pages gets them notified about your content. This helps you to reach them, but this is only possible if they like your content very much and are keen on what you post about.

#5 Get Noticed in Niche

## Exchange Shoutouts with other brands that have a good audience base

A shoutout as I mentioned is a great way to get more audience. But it would be better if the audience of your niche gets to know about you. They are more likely to convert into followers.

For example, suppose you run a travel blog and a meme page gives you shoutout it will be less impactful. But if you managed to get a shoutout from a bikers group or a similar page then there is more chance that their audience will follow your page.

## Comment on similar brand photos and indirectly attract the viewers to your profile

Comments are really good methods to rank your content. They are treated as best engagements for every type of content for any site. So, commenting on someone’s blog and giving a gateway to your profile is a really elegant way to move the audience to your profile.

## Ask them that you can improve the posts or make one for them and ask for credits

Providing contents and getting credits is also a very good factor in reaching the audience. You just have to provide amazing content to them and ask for a shoutout and credits in exchange. This will move their audience to your page.

#5 (Bonus) Go for Paid Promotion

Paid promotions are the best way to reach a target audience of your niche. This is a sure method to increase Instagram followers. It makes sure that your content promotion reaches the audience that is interested in your content. For a brand, it is an easy way to get more audience to your page and get better results.

## Instagram Paid Promotions

Instagram paid promotion is the best way to reach the target audience. Based on Instagram’s algorithm which user like your content and is most probable to become a follower is shown you content.

Paid promotion cost you some bucks so don’t waste them by trying yourself. Get professional assistance from social media agencies like wizitsolutions. They charge a little bit but your ads will have great results as compared to you making them your self.

## paid Shoutout From Popular person

A popular person or brand giving you a shoutout is very important. Getting featured in their posts is really good to be in memory of your customer and get them to follow your site.

So here are some methods that can get you thousands of followers and make your brand famous on Instagram. Increase Instagram followers and make your brand value to achieve good sales. Try these methods and tell me which one is better for you.

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